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The Funky Divas of Gospel is the collaboration of a 10 vocalists and musicians whose purpose is to share an uplifting and life-affirming message through traditional and contemporary spirit-filled music. The spirit that flows through the songs we sing is universal and tells a story as old as time.

We are performers who just plain love singing gospel music and entertaining audiences.

Our music is primarily defined as gospel in the southern African-American tradition with an R&B flavor. However, while it is that, it is not all we sing. We include traditional gospel songs and songs from other faiths and cultures as well as secular music which may have good news to share. It is roots music. It is harmonies and acapella - hard rocking, and reflective. It is strong emotionally as well as prayerful. It is toe tapping. It is hand clapping. It can (and does) move audiences to their feet and into the aisles to dance. It is joyous and downright great music.

It is, above all- GOSPEL.

"Funky Divas" performances are suitable for all ages and for almost any situation or venue. We regularly participate in worship services, perform in concert halls, music festivals and outdoor events, brunches, corporate functions, benefits, and denominational conferences.

Recently, after spending an afternoon with the Divas, a local newspaper reporter wrote, "It seems the only blues felt after this show belongs to those who missed it. All bluegrass, jazz, soul and gospel fans be forewarned: if you miss this funky groove, to paraphrase a line in one of their songs, it ain't nobody's fault but yours."