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The group began 25 years ago on the seacoast of New Hampshire and over the years has performed in many different forms.  Sometimes as a small band and other times as a band with up to 30 people in a gospel choir.   All those steps along the way have led to the close knit group we are today.

Our purpose  has always remained the same - to share great music. The spirit that flows through our songs goes back to the roots of music itself. It is universal and tells stories as old as time. We are performers who love entertaining audiences. Our music is roots music. It is harmony. It is hard rockin' and reflective. It is toe tapping, it is hand clapping, It can, and does, move audiences to their feet and into the aisles to dance.

Funky Divas shows are suitable for all ages and for almost any situation or venue. We regularly perform in concert halls, music festivals and outdoor events.  We are also featured at gospel brunches, benefits, and conferences.  The Divas perform at church services no matter the denomination.

Recently after attending a Funky Divas of Gospel concert, a reporter wrote, "All bluegrass, soul and gospel fans be forewarned: if you miss this funky group, to paraphrase a line in one of their songs, it ain't nobody's fault but yours."